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SIXTY-THREE YEARS AGO, a small group of area businessmen started the Brookings United Charities.  In 1955, familiar Brookings names like Fishback, Kendall, Sexauer, Dalthorp, Blauert, McCann, and Chapman aspired to receive gifts and administer them for charitable, educational, civic and philanthropic uses. The name was then changed to Brookings United Fund and now serves as Brookings Area United Way.  Although the board members and dollar amounts raised has changed through the years, the purpose stays the same:

Brookings Area United Way: Uniting people, sharing resources, inspiring hope, and enriching lives for a stronger Brookings County.

The Brookings Area United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability for every person in every community. We look for every dollar available to distribute to local nonprofits that are creating innovative solutions to common problems that plague our community. But we are more than fundraisers -- we are facilitators and connectors. We connect, assist in funding, and help promote nonprofits and their accomplishments. By an agency being connected to United Way, they are provided with help in strategy, facilitating conversations, marketing, and much more. United Way promotes discussion of issues that have been overlooked for too long. 

Donations to the Brookings Area United Way are distributed exclusively to Brookings Area United Way Partner Agencies selected by our board of directors.  Our local leaders agree that Brookings Area United Way shall not fund agencies or requests that could be detrimental to the community as a whole due to their controversial nature.  It is essential that local groups and individuals recognize that United Way funds are designed to focus on advancing the common good and not to promote political issues including, but not limited to, the pro-life/pro-choice debate.

The Brookings Area United Way organization is committed to meeting the needs of the communities it serves. As an organization, we recognize and value the diversity of all individuals without regard to race, religion, color, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, physical challenge, and age. We allow zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment. 


We are not the United Way that was established decades ago-- we are evolving and adapting to the ever-changing atmosphere of our community. We are changing to confront the challenges of the dynamic and developing world. The one thing that hasn't changed has been our unwavering support and focus on bettering our communities. The Brookings Area Way continues to improve lives and build a better tomorrow. We invite you to join us in investing in Brookings County, and investing in your United Way.